“In One Word” Poem – Devastate

Today’s Word is devastate

Off on his quest, atop his steed

Arthur leads his soldiers east

No time to eat

Nor hunger sate

A country’s honour his to save

               And death, to evade

Upon this quest, fear will be tasted

Freedom for all, a tease

The kingdom is vast

A glorious estate

The Saxon lord’s unsteady seat

               Detached now from his mother’s teat

Returned, this eve

To home this date

He looks upon his men, his mates

And dares to dream, of peace instead

The King of Britain, now devest

               Of warlike garment, and blood-soaked vest

In One Word” poem, you

  • choose a word
  • list words that you find within that word
  • choose words from that list
  • write a poem in which each line ends with one of those words
  • Visit https://nixthecomfortzone.com/ for examples

Ode to the Bus Driver

Bus Eireann Expressway

Bus Eireann Expressway

Irish Bus Driver

Whether driving Bus Eireann through cramped city streets

or out in the country, with tractors and sheep

or high in the cockpit of a deluxe touring coach

the Irish Bus Driver is better than  most

Behind the wheel of behemoth beast

a wily character upon his seat

his wits about him every day

exuding humour, come what may

The roads are narrow, winding, steep

obstacles lurk and idiots beep

the Irish Bus Driver breathes slowly, deeply

and protects his passengers, anger not creeping

He has the patience of a saint

keeps temper even, when things ain’t

conditions worsen, eyes are burning

good music plays, DJ grooving

With nerves of steel, he makes no fuss

he charms the women on the bus

reaches a hand to help the weary

has knowledge to share and is rarely dreary

His driving day is very long

from Dublin to Galway, detour by Cong

he says to his clients “meet back here by 3”

the next stop serves the sweetest tea

Of course, there’s always one who’s late

the driver must smile, and never berate

he gets points for highest of driving skills

and also, for zero ‘recorded’ kills

At the end of the day, on roads not for bussing

he gets us home safely, tired but smiling

“Thank you!” we call to our Irish Bus Driver

who continues alone. Back same time tomorrow.

(Not a poet! But hope you enjoyed that tribute.)

Friday Fictioneers – America

Friday Fictioneers, photo by Ronda del Boccio

Photo by: Ronda del Boccio

Red, white, and blue

Reveals to the world

Righteous self-belief

Follow: We will lead!

We crowd in behind you

Watch atrocities unfold

Weep loudly, in hindsight

Wish: We’d refused!

But times are a’changing

Beware our disdain

Because, our consciences

Call: To refrain

Respect, being eroded

Regrets, we have many

Resigned, to self-awareness

Own: Our decisions

Willing, to change

Worthwhile, the effort

Wisdom, evolving

Change: Let us lead

Bringing you with us

Bravely, we try

Big-hearted nations

Work: Side by side

Land of the brave

Land of the free

Land of the Trump

Fake News: Follow me!

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here