Friday Fictioneers – Storm before the Calm

Photo prompt by Dale Rogerson

We hold on tight, bodies taut with fright
The world around us shakes
Buildings scream, while wrecking wind walls rupture
Trees spear windows, glass detonates
The world shakes
The storm, it blasts and pounds, and rages, destroys
Homes are lost, cars crushed, detritus piles high
People crawl and hunker in basements, calling for mothers
The world erupts
Heavenly banks burst, demons let loose, hysterical fear abounds
Never-ending terror, noise.
We cover eyes and ears.
Who will stand at the end? Who will survive?
The world calms. Quiet returns.
We lift our eyes. And wait. (94 words)

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff FieldsĀ for continuing to set this 100 word or less challenge. It is certainly a commitment appreciated by many. Other 100 word stories can be read here.