Friday Fictioneers – The Cannibal

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Photo prompt by David Steward

Yahoo and Yum!

This cannibal exults

Omnivorous delight

Such complaisance.

For now the neighbourhood is safe

With feast proportioned on a plate

No need to hunt, the cook consumed

Topped off with gourmet victuals.

Rest easy world because too soon

This banquet but a memory

Hunger returned, hunting I’ll go

With gourmet expectations.

Standards set, I now must hunt

in eateries most domestic

And choose as prey, a chef gourmet

My tastes now more eclectic.

Five star ratings

High class baking

Human meat, now marinating.

Salivation, delectation

Gobble, guzzle, binge, devour.



Me. [94 words]


Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for continuing to set this 100 word (or less) challenge. It is certainly a commitment appreciated by many. Other 100 word stories can be read here.

Simply 6 Minutes – Soft Skin


What can I say that hasn’t been said

Grow a thick skin, give up or play dead

Friends say they’ve the hide of a rhino

I’m the absorbent amphibian

I should have evolved with experience and age

But somehow my heart keeps on breaking

Like a child I stand there and quake

A weakness I wish I could shed

I need to develop thick skin as an armour

Against a hard world, to protect

Soft and porous not a warrior makes

So I struggle, absorbing sharp barbs

When I lay on death’s bed, finally armour-plated

Hardened, impervious, insensitive

By that time I’ll not care, pushed aside all despair

And laugh in the face of the haters

Until then, I will work on the callouses

A hard shell, tough hide, unfeeling

Until then, I don’t know how to live in this world

Without constantly shrivelling [6 minutes, 144 words]


Thanks to Christine at Stine Writing for this weekly challenge. To write whatever you can in six minutes using the prompt provided.

Share your world – 4 April 2022


Share your World – Autumn


Are you more productive at night or in the morning? Do you think it’s possible to change and get used to another schedule?

 I always say that my brain doesn’t ‘wake up’ until about 10am. I also get a ‘new lease on life’ from about 4pm.

At the moment, however, I am very scattered and unfocussed and don’t seem to have the same pattern of alertness. I feel like a zombie, all day. State of the world, mind and body. I’m not looking after myself, so it’s no surprise.

Also, I’m generally not good at routine and schedules. Either I’ve something to do, or I don’t. Full on, or fully off.

The couple of times I’ve successfully completed nanowrimo I have managed to get up early and do a set amount of words or minutes before the rest of the day distracts me. So, I can do both change and routine.

What’s the biggest vehicle you’ve driven?  If you don’t drive, what’s the biggest vehicle you’ve ridden in? 

Driven, a Mitsubishi Pajero, the husband’s car. Too big. I don’t know where the edges are and was stressed the whole time, but was taking my turn 🙂

Ridden in? A tank during army reserve days. Otherwise, those big wheel tour buses that take you onto the glaciers (Canada).

What songs would be played on a loop in hell?   

Bad cover versions of classics. Country music 🙂 Discordant jazz. I can appreciate the cleverness, but can’t stand the listening.

Mariah Carey, Celine Dion – any of those screaming, high octave, ballady songstresses. I can listen to a song, but not on a loop. You’d give up and die, and die.

(Deep and chewy philosophical question):     What does it mean to be a person?  What constitutes “personhood?” (there may be some diverse opinions, but we’re all mature adults in here, so be respectful of others please).

Specifically on this planet, I was thinking human because of the ability to choose and make decisions. To feel compassion and empathy (there are degrees of empathy, so you don’t have to be a saint).

Sentience alone doesn’t lead to personhood.

But then if my parameters are compassion and empathy, and making decisions / choosing – doesn’t man’s best friend the dog display all that?