Lost to time

W.O.T.D challenge – using Auld Lang Syne 

Viscosity of life

thick, gel-like quality

suffocating, drowning

today at least, to me

represents adulthood

Long gone are the days of innocence

the joy of living

unconditional hope, boundless love, received

lightness of spirit, reciprocated

They sing of years gone by, friends forgotten

olden times fondly remembered.

cherish those memories, those friends, the good times.

I can’t hear love, hope, cheer

it is not possible to tell

body language speaks of togetherness, connectedness

but the tune is mournful.

It prompts in me a yearning

for a return to that childlike state

when concerns were as deep as

what’s for dinner

a smile, kiss, cuddle

I need a return to that peace

to the fluidity and weightlessness

I can no longer trudge through

this suffocating fug

for Auld Lang Syne.

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