MLMM Photo Challenge #390 – The Call

#MLMM; #photochallenge; #flashfiction

Photo Credit Dang Ngo

My fellow monks are fearless

As they meditate the power

Of these freezing clifftop waters.

While I wither by the hour.

You can bring Buddha to the boy, but you can’t take away the bogan.

Not without a fight.

Daily and with joy, I pray, chant, and work

Desiring no wealth, accepting what I’m worth

And I glow as I practice giving

Fellowship and love.

When I hear rock and roll, let loose on the street

Watch the mantle slip.

The power of prayer persuaded me to climb to the top of the cliff

To stand in the freaking cold waterfall.

But I’m tired of robes that let wind up my thighs.

I give thanks for the peace, but I’m over the quiet.

Back in black, I return to my roots in the bush

Blasting ACDC to worship with music. [140 words]

MLMM Wordle #261 – Awakening

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Our words this week are:
sorrow, cringeworthy, miscreant, hide, hilltops, swivel, plaid, freeze, privacy, escape, mermaid, limp


On my pre-dawn walk, I stumble upon the mermaid, limp and freezing on the beach.

I’m not so much up early as I haven’t been to bed.

A widower, I hide from society and nurture my sorrow by doing night shift for the paper that employs me. I get the darkest most cringeworthy stories. Evil stalks at night. Miscreant youth roaming in gangs, hassling the homeless, looking for sport find the inside of a prison van.

As I approach what is clearly a body, I hesitate. Consider escape. I live with darkness. I do not let the light in. But can I handle one more moment in that world? Another death?

I swivel on my hilltops, and with that turn dig a divot into the sand that seems to suck me in. Stay, the stickiness pleads. Bring the best of yourself.

Reluctantly, breath held, I bend down to the woman and press her neck for a pulse. Nothing. I survey her form. Scales glisten in the moonlight. Her long, lean torso ends in that flipper. I look to her face, beautiful in repose. Porcelain skin, rosy, red lips. Hair that tumbles like tangled seaweed.

I feel my heart stir.

Removing my jacket, I place the plaid over her, providing some privacy. Protection.

I turn away, swipe the screen of my phone to call for help.

Something grabs my ankle, a powerful hold. A sweet voice whispers, “Help me, please.”

I look down into emerald eyes and I am bludgeoned by my burgeoning heart.

Welcome back light, life, love.

I return the phone to my pocket. [265 words]

MLMM Wordle #257 – Vision of Hell

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Words for today are: basking, crumbs, tongue, maybe, lifetime, last, luminous, original, mix, pretend, cicatrix, proprioception (definitions at end)


I am soft, no longer resilient

Basking. My country safe. Protected by law; manners.

A luminous lifetime playing pretend

I presumed to be unmarked by cicatrix.

Proprioception in play, surefooted in the world

Into the mix came pandemic.

My sense of the original, became the maybe

Freedoms cut; tongue licking for crumbs.

At last, I dreamed to once again travel

One more year; I look to the horizon.

I’ve been kept safe. My country strong

Courage departed, I’m now the fainthearted.

Visions of hell coalesce

 Dream of travel, less and less

Psyche doomed, coward looms.

No joie de vie is left to me.


(Inspired by this photo, category 1st classified ‘nature’ in the Drone Photo Awards 2021)

Extra Galactic, by Martin Sanchez

Extra Galactic by Martin Sanchez

To assist, some definitions: 

Cicatrix – scar of a healed wound (such as a scar on the bark of a tree, mark on a stem after a leaf or other part has become detached)

Proprioception – perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body