MLMM Wordle #261 – Awakening

Yves is our host for the Monday MLMM wordle. You can join in here

Our words this week are:
sorrow, cringeworthy, miscreant, hide, hilltops, swivel, plaid, freeze, privacy, escape, mermaid, limp


On my pre-dawn walk, I stumble upon the mermaid, limp and freezing on the beach.

I’m not so much up early as I haven’t been to bed.

A widower, I hide from society and nurture my sorrow by doing night shift for the paper that employs me. I get the darkest most cringeworthy stories. Evil stalks at night. Miscreant youth roaming in gangs, hassling the homeless, looking for sport find the inside of a prison van.

As I approach what is clearly a body, I hesitate. Consider escape. I live with darkness. I do not let the light in. But can I handle one more moment in that world? Another death?

I swivel on my hilltops, and with that turn dig a divot into the sand that seems to suck me in. Stay, the stickiness pleads. Bring the best of yourself.

Reluctantly, breath held, I bend down to the woman and press her neck for a pulse. Nothing. I survey her form. Scales glisten in the moonlight. Her long, lean torso ends in that flipper. I look to her face, beautiful in repose. Porcelain skin, rosy, red lips. Hair that tumbles like tangled seaweed.

I feel my heart stir.

Removing my jacket, I place the plaid over her, providing some privacy. Protection.

I turn away, swipe the screen of my phone to call for help.

Something grabs my ankle, a powerful hold. A sweet voice whispers, “Help me, please.”

I look down into emerald eyes and I am bludgeoned by my burgeoning heart.

Welcome back light, life, love.

I return the phone to my pocket. [265 words]

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