Sunday Whirl Wordle #518 – Arise

Use some or all of the following words in a piece of writing. Forms of words are fine. The challenge is to use as many of the words as possible. 


Snow carpets the land where roost, pink footed geese.

Kneeling, touching, shoulder to shoulder, living the cycle.

Down the line, arriving late, tears flow and wheels turn.

Winter to spring, candlelight to sunrise, flowers bloom.

Too many are lost on this annual trek.

Breathe, lift, rise. Move forward with joy, survive for the rest.


(Inspired by a photo from the Drone Photo Awards 2021, photo of the year, Pink footed geese meeting the winter, by Terje Kolaas)

Many thanks to Brenda Warren for this week’s Sunday Whirl. Click the link to join:

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