Weekend Word Prompt – Alone


Weekend Writing Prompt #175 Megalith

The Megalith hums; vibrates

Preternatural; outside nature

It stands, immobile but reaching skywards

Unearthed, yet anchored.

Moss covered; blending

Of sandstone, bluestone, granite

Of limestone, basalt, marble

Solid, unyielding, impervious

Ritual and superstition

Hold communities in awe

Engages curiosity

Pulses elevate

Living history is here

Standing stones

Alone; breathing

Simply 6 Minutes – Escape


There is only one way
To escape this cell
These planks of pain
Their own form of hell

The light beckons
But the light kills
Many have risked
Its radiant kiss

It sloughs off skin
Melts through flesh
Inhales each scream
As limbs fall away

Like a helpless babe
You cry and crawl
There is no escape
Passed that white maw

Too late one sees
The rot that seeps
At the edge of light
Sucking greedily

There is only one way
Only this chance
That traffic through agony
One person will advance

But will it be me?
There is only one way.

  1. https://christinebialczak.com/2020/07/14/simply-6-minutes-writing-challenge
  2. Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing.
  3. You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you can free-write.
  4. Get ready and write for 6 minutes, that is it! Can you write a complete story? Can you think of a new Sonnet? Can you write 400 words? 400? 500? There are no restrictions on what kind of writing you do, but you should try to be actively writing for six minutes.
  5. After you are done writing, include your word count and then post back to this page #Simply6Minutes or include your link in the comments section. Pingbacks are enabled.