BUS TO CARDIFF – 20th October

Rainbow UKAFTER DEBACLE OF NO MONEY – AND NOT BEING ABLE TO COLLECT CAR! Set to tune of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’.

On the bus and saw a rainbow up ahead – my juices must still have been flowing!!!

  Somewhere over the rainbow, our hotel

4 hours into the future, Cardiff means we’ll sleep well

We woke up this morning, blissfully unaware

Of the chaos awaiting, car hire and credit card hell!!

We walked up to the counter smiling, here’s our reservation booking – car-now-please!

The lady wanted ‘driver’s license and 200 pound deposit – bank-cards-only!

We began crying and snarling; girl apologised

Sorry sir, it’s company policy; rules by which I must abide!

Is there an-other option? This strongly sucks!

No, and it’s not our problem; okay lady, you can get …. stuffed!