So, why do we travel?

One could travel for freedom, education, a challenge, doing something new, getting perspective (the grass is not always greener and our way isn’t the only way!) personal growth and developing skills you never knew you had – like learning a language!

For me – it’s a combination of all of the above – particularly to take a break from the routine and as a transitional thing. Eric and I can spend more time together, instead of spending most of our time with other people, at work.

I’m hoping that we’ll be more active every day – because at the end of a day in the office the last thing I make myself do is exercise. We’ll be walking and perhaps cycling – we’ll be swimming and in fresh air for many hours of the day. Also, we are hoping to help some way in the community.

We’ll read (like we always do) and we’ll go out to local music venues (like we don’t now!). Where do you go in Esperance (or indeed in regional Western Australia) that isn’t the local pub – and our full-on drinking culture?

The original idea of this extended holiday was to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Then we realised that David was still at school (Year 11) and what crazy timing that was, so we’ve made it 2013 when David is in his first year at Uni.

It also happens to be the year of my 50th birthday – so there is the flavour of a mid-life reassessment! Perhaps I’ll be more creative, be braver and talk to more people – coming out of my shell a little. The kids are grown and don’t need me as much and I’m bored with working in admin and am looking for insight.

Talking about being bored with Admin – straight after I finished the Cert IV in Travel last year, I signed up for a double Cert IV in Frontline Management & Business Admin. Pretty much immediately I thought ‘why have I signed up for another dry and uninteresting course?’. Well, of course it was a ‘practical’ decision – related to growth in my work skills (these days, everyone wants you to have a new certificate!). Nothing to do with spiritual or creative growth.

After much fighting with the College,they’ve thankfully let me transfer to something else. There wasn’t a lot I was interested in truly and I’ve ended up enrolled in a travel writing and photography course! At least it is not Admin related and I do want to write and I am going to be travelling – BINGO! Perhaps a step in the right direction! 🙂

So, why have we chosen to spend such a large block of time in Spain? Well, we’ve travelled a little in Europe – a 2 week bus tour in 1994 a couple of visits to Paris over the years. I was born in and lived in Ireland and Eric and I have travelled extensively through the UK – 2 months in Edinburgh and several weeks based in Wales and Scotland – as well as a 2 week bus tour of England.

We’ve also done 4 weeks in Canada, 2 weeks in South Africa, had holidays in Mauritius and Fiji and a week each in Hong Kong and New York. Apart from New York, I’m not interested in America at all!

In our European travels though we never got to Spain. And with its combination of Christian and Moorish history (particularly Andalusia) it feels like somewhere that we can really explore and delight in. For a long period of time the Christians and Muslims lived quite happily together – the Moors ruled the land, but were quite tolerant of their Christian neighbours. Something to aspire to really!

Chuck the Greek Islands in for 10 days and 10 days in Morocco and you’ve got the best of all worlds – ancient Greece and North African heritage! Sounds like magic to me!

So why am I travelling? Personal growth, adventure, culture, escape from the ‘real world’, potential writing fodder, time for quiet and many days and hours in my beautiful husband’s company! Muchos gracias!

Why do you travel? Where do you travel to? When are you travelling again? The daily grind can wear you down and escape to where nobody knows you and there are no demands on your attention, other than what you sincerely choose to pay attention to, can be so rejuvenating. Why humanity likes to holiday, yes?

Bye for now xx

2 thoughts on “So, why do we travel?

  1. I have a practical/wants conflict in my head too. It’s the main reason I kept changing courses at uni – the practical part of me kept demanding a clear end point and when I couldn’t find one, it was on to the next!

    In my experience, screw it. May as well go for your wants and see what your prior practicals will do for you. Hopefully your trip away will be a little more relaxed and spontaneous!


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