Technology and Travelling

So, you want to have 14 weeks away from the daily grind – and the close proximity to technology that is so normal now. Eric and I both spend all day tied to a computer – and then in the evenings and weekends we seem to gravitate to the computer again – either to work, socially network ( ๐Ÿ˜› ) or play a game (I admit it!!).

We feel the ‘urge to purge’ our need to be close to technology – yet we also want to stay in close touch with family and friends, because these days travel doesn’t mean you’re out of touch like in the olden days!

Eric has some programming he wants to work on, I have my blog and surfing the net for information about sights, eateries, flights etc is invaluable. Skype and emails to keep up with the kids – how could we live without them?

We’ll bring Eric’s mobile and will probably bring a lightweight laptop – and because if we are in computer down time (not out and about) and one of us is on the laptop, then the other will probably want to be on the iPad. Because if one of us is engaged with the technology, then what is the other one doing? I’d say reading a book? But Eric says, yeah that might work for you, but what would I be doing? If we are both either on the laptop or iPad, then we will still be talking to each other, comparing things, showing each other things – if one is on the computer and the other reading – then we might be in our own worlds.

We feel that we are going to spend so much time out and about sightseeing and engaging with people, cooking classes, language classes (maybe) eating out and seeing live music, walking and exploring that the time spent with the technology will be severely curtailed, compared to our normal life.

It seems amazing to me that we can’t imagine (really) not having a computer close by or ready access to the net. Even as we yearn to do things differently and experience life closer to natural – we can’t let go!


2 thoughts on “Technology and Travelling

  1. Really enjoying reading this Trisha ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t actually see when you are leaving to start this wonderful trip? I look forward to all the updates and lots of photos!


    • Hey Rachel, thanks for your comment! We leave Australia 22nd August – via Milan then train down to Barcelona. We will be trying to do a couple of weekends in the UK and Ireland to try and catch up with friends and family. Hopefully, it will be convenient for you to catch up with us too – at the moment we will be in England 27th September to 1st October. We have a great friend to catch up with in Horley and an English friend who spent the last couple of years here in Esperance who lives in Poole – we would like to meet you (in Coventry?) and I really want to see Warner Bros Harry Potter and have booked the ticket for Monday the 30th Sept. We finish our tour of Morocco on 26th November, and will have a few days around London before we fly out (on the 30th Nov) so that’s another opportunity to catch up with friends.
      Photos won’t start happening until we actually leave (:D) but yeah, something to look forward to.
      Keep hanging on in there Rachel – my thoughts are with you! And I really hope we can catch up while we are travelling. xx


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