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Santorini Greece 2013

My favourite place

Irish born, Australian wife and mother, hoping to write the novel.

Eric & Trish May10

My beautiful husband xx

A dream my entire life, only now in middle-age have I decided to take writing more seriously.

I made a start at blog writing when my husband Eric and I took long service leave in 2013,  basing ourselves in Spain.

I don’t write often enough.  Only when I feel compelled, when a particular topic irks or inspires me. Although I do try to also bring in some lighter content. I need to commit to writing every day,  developing the skill and learning where my sweet spot is.

Friday Fictioneers (Flash Fiction) is an opportunity to tune the craft and engage with a writing community.  A photo prompt is provided and participants endeavour to write 100 words only, on whatever that photo inspires.

In 2015 and 2016 I completed two draft novels with the National Novel Writing Month @NaNoWriMo. As at September 2019, I’ve only made half-arsed efforts at furthering these – rewriting and/or editing.  But I do plan to get into this soon,  with support of the course Write your Novel: 6 month program with AWC.

In NANOWRIMO completion is winning, not the quality of writing and so it’s a fun goal-setting and writing experience. Especially good for procrasti-writers! 😀

I’ve completed some courses with the Australian Writers’ Centre @WritersCentreAU – Blogging for Beginners and How to get more Blog Readers, 2 Hours to Scrivener Power and Copywriting Essentials, Travel Writing and Creative Writing 30 Day Bootcamp.

I also enjoy following their podcast, presented by Alison Tait and Valerie Khoo, ‘So you want to be a writer’ is available through iTunes and via the AWC website. The ladies recently published a book version called ‘So you want to be Writer’, on Kindle.

Another great podcast I’ve followed is The Bestseller Experiment @bestsellerxp, also available through iTunes. The two ‘Marks’ completed writing and publishing a ‘bestselling novel’ in one year. In the process, they gathered useful information and interviewed a huge range of people to do with the industry of writing – authors especially, but also people providing information on ‘how to find your voice’, ‘kindle direct publishing’ and ‘how do I get an agent’.

I have to say, the author interviews were fantastic – Joe Abercrombie, John Connolly, @SarahPinborough (hilarious and rude!) Michael Connelly, Ben Aaronovitch and Joe Hill, Michelle Paver and Joanne Harris.

Following this type of thing,  doing small courses,  joining a writing community, keeping this blog and writing every day is the map I need to follow to achieve the ultimate dream. Being published! Specifically,  as anovelist.

Join me on the journey.