Co Clare, Ireland

View from Kylemore Abbey, Co Clare, Ireland 2019

I’m a married Western Australian woman living in NSW who writes and aspires to be published (that’s ‘dream’ aspire, not ‘working at it’ aspire). I was born in Dublin, Ireland and have spent most of my life in Australia.

This site includes travel stories, sometimes opinion, and lots of fiction.

My husband Eric and I love to travel and we have spent time in Ireland and the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, Mauritius, Fiji and New Zealand (Auckland); Spain, Greece, Morocco, Italy (Florence, Rome, Venice and Tuscany) and other major cities of Europe.

We’ve experienced New York City and Boston for Christmas – a long held dream that came from my love of Home Alone movies and northern hemisphere winters. When we visited they were experiencing their warmest winter in years, but we did get one good day of snow.

In 2019, I spent three months in Galway, Ireland. Eric joined me for the last month and then we walked in Tuscany with a friend.

2022 we’ll dip our toes into travel again (post or mid-Covid) by visiting Singapore and 2023 is a Scandinavian cruise with Viking, and 10 days in Santorini.

Imagine if we’d been in the UK this last week or so (September 2022). Horror of horrors, we would have had to deal with the passing of Her Majesty in real life (very flippant comment there).

We have the travel bug but it is daunting to travel overseas now. I’m almost scared off by a heightened awareness of viruses / plagues. There just seems to be something terrifying going on all the time, be it viral or natural disasters, or violence. We are privileged to be able to travel, and appreciate the experience it provides.

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