Letter to my boy

A boy needs his mum, in good times and in bad. Even when you don’t think you should

They say, no man is an island, but he can certainly be a turtle. Head tucked in, solid defensive shell a guard against the world.

In times of stress you don’t need to be alone, to pretend that all is grand. When things are tough, look to home.

No matter what your age, we’re on the same page. Zero to 100, we’ll be with you if you let us. Push us away and you’ve missed a beat.

I need to be strong can make you seem weak. Because, no man is an island. And your family knows that.

Even when you’re grown. No longer at home. Reluctant to moan.

If you feel alone, perhaps you are. You choose to be.

If you can’t see the light, come back to the heart.

Mum might seem gruff, inclined to be intense. But when things are tough, she’s your strong defence.

No. Man. Is. An. Island.

An oldie but a goodie. These clichés stand the test, when you aren’t at your best. When you need safe harbour. Someone on your side. When you need a team to conquer all – don’t let pride divide.

You weaken your position, when support is diluted. When you hesitate to ask – for help.

We know you’re an adult, only want to share success.

Let us in and back to back, we’ll find your best self.


No man is an island, my son.


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