Six Sentence Stories – Book

The book is my friend in sickness and in health. It comforts and informs, whispers as it speaks. Invites me to visit in search of what I need; succour, hope, adventure or delight. It waits with bated breath, and never refuses. Breathes easily when its own needs have been met.

To be known, to be held, to be useful, add meaning.

* * *

Welcome to Six Sentence Stories! Blog Hop Rules: Write 6 sentences. No more. No less. Use this week’s prompt word:Β BOOK Read everyone’s story, comment, share and have fun!

18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories – Book

  1. Welcome then!
    As to your Six: while I am guilty of using a Kindle* there is something that technology can not replace, ‘the smell’. Like a bowling alley or a dock in a fishing port, the scent of books in a quiet library or (old) book store is unmistakable.

    Good Six!

    *the days of the digital dexterity necessary to read, in bed, on my side…one-handed (with a paperback) seems to have been left somewhere behind lol

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  2. Years ago when i visited the library quite often I would check out 10 or more books and lay them all out on the guest bed. Then I would just look at them, touch them trying to decide which one to begin first.
    I would usually be reading three at a time. On for bed time, one on the patio and one in the living room. (Yes, I can read while my husband has the TV blaring.)
    I like what you wrote. πŸ™‚

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