Three Things Challenge #708

Today’s three words are poke, tap and press

* * *

“I could poke holes in your logic all day,” I said to Father Joe.

“Logic and faith,” said my girlfriend. “Do they go together?”

“I know that faith can seem illogical,” said Joe. “But trust in God does not in fact negate the application of reason. And reason depends on logic to come to understanding.

“Faith creates freedom to tap into deeper understanding. It buffers and strengthens in a world where logic rules, and reason often wanes.”

“I used to have faith in the press, Father,” I said. “I used to have faith in justice. It was how I was raised. Facts, laws and rules were the foundation of a good life.”

“They play a part,” said Joe. “In the modern world, do they work? So many are depressed, despairing at what is truth. To the believer, the only truth is God. Faith keeps us strong.”

“I wish I knew who to trust, that’s for sure,” said my girlfriend.

I looked at them both, traditional priest and modern woman. Two good people. Entirely different ways of walking the world. Two people I trusted.

“I thank you for your faith, Father,” I said. “I’m glad that you’re holding hard to a belief that encourages you to reach out and help the lost.”

“My son, I’m here for you both. When your first child arrives and you look at this world in despair you will then be ready, perhaps, to be inspired by faith,” Joe said.

He anointed us both, before ushering us through the old wooden doors, out into the unreasonable, illogical world of man.

Three Things Challenge is set daily by #pensitivity101

We are presented with three things that may, or may not, be related. Simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you.

You can use one, two or all three words in your post, there are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre apart from keeping it family friendly.

Remember to tag responses with 3TC, #threethingschallenge or #TTC and add the logo if you wish.

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