Three Things Challenge #442

And the Three Things for today are:


Note that my contribution comes from the depths of Christmas bookseller heaven. The most wonderful time of the year for booksellers, as their customers remember how much their loved ones love to read 😁👀

Retail Christmas shopping

You think you’re prepared and then the race is on.

Poach the freshest vege. Pinch the fruit. Press the flesh. Pound the pavement.

Grab that bestseller!

Trouble is brewing for the unwary, retailer and customer both.

The rules of engagement are in place. The customer is always right. Correct?

Only if you’ve raised the consumer from childhood to believe he can run roughshod over the worn‑out clerk, elbow punch the passive fellow shopper and grumble and complain his way from shop, to crumbling shop.

Retail Christmas shopping

Carry good cheer on your shoulder, spread joy wherever you wander.

Good tidings to all, and to all happy shopping.

Remember the magic of the Christmas season, and the reason you’re shopping is about the giving.

Treat yourself and others with kindness, let somebody else in front of you.

Warm someone’s heart, offer charity and celebrate the true meaning of the season.

While snapping up that bargain, grin at your achievement, and look forward to Christmas day and the joy you’ll be spreading.

Three Things Challenge

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