Friday Fictioneers – Taxi!


Photo by C E Ayre

What a surprise. I love old model cars. 

How delicious that I’ve travelled to sometime where they abound.

The street is not bustling. In fact, it’s is unnaturally peaceful.
But I guess not everybody is driving; not yet.

I sure hope taxis have been invented!
Soon, I’ll be bouncing over these gorgeous cobbled streets in a gassy, farting contraption.

The joyous anticipation flooding my senses is food for the soul, as I race to the corner,  searching for a ride.
Joy trickles away, as I realise … a fabrication. An art installation.

A waking dream. Stuck in lock-down, 2020. (99 words)

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a story in response to a photo prompt – in 100 words or less. You can find other stories here.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Taxi!

  1. I wonder what the early pioneers of the automobile would make of it now, and everything that has come from it, including the pollution. It was nice to have clean air in the cities when the traffic disappeared during lockdown. Alas, that seems like a dream already now that we’re back on the roads.

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