Friday Fictioneers – Japanese Garden


Photo prompt copyright CEAyr

Simply designed; aesthetically pleasing

Peace, tranquility; balanced with care

ponds of Koi add colour; serenity

a taste tease for passing pets

Pebble paths, raked fine, paved wide, straight

lead the guest – winding or pacing –

to interesting spaces; interesting traits

and quirky surprises

Bonsai trees, aged and perfect, delicate, refined

Encouraged with love; meticulous binding

A joy to behold; treasured through time

Partnered with architecture; imbued with history

Elements of stone, wood, bamboo and flora

Create an image of spiritual aura

a sense of mystery

Springs suddenly youth, impressively so

Cherry blossom – pink, white or red

Struts and blooms; then petals drop

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who kindly runs Friday Fictioneers. 
The idea is to fashion a story that has a beginning, middle, and end and within 100 words.


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