Flash Fiction: Summer Heat

Friday Fictioneers Wed 20.04.16

Summer heat; 40⁰C and bodies melting!

Toiling all day; no lunch and only the water bottles we each carried

Mother was ill and downtown seeing the doc

Younger kids chasing sheep and jumping in bales, trying to keep out of the way

Lots to do in the bush, for kids, and for us adults

Digging holes for new posts; ground like concrete after a long and dry season

Replacing old fencing, a necessary evil; now metal posts and not wood

“Kids, stay away from the wire!” They won’t be told!

Screams as the smallest falls and is caught up in the barbs

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Summer Heat

  1. I think I’ve left it to long before I read it as the text has now vanished and I’m left with just the picture!
    But having read everyone else’s comments I’m desperate to know what the last line was….. 😘😘

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  2. Ouch! This is great, you drew me right into the moment, I could see the kids playing, the adults working and sweating, and the chidren that won’t be told.

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