Beware the Clowns – Donald Trump

[Update July 2020] And now we have COVID-19 Trump and it just looks like such a mess in America. The man talks foolish every day. He does himself no favours in the wider world. And while I know that he will have his supporters in the US, because we are all different and entitled to our opinions, hopefully many are ready for change – and that change may be Joe Biden. In my opinion, that seems like a bloody good idea!

{Update 1 September 2020} And the race is on to see whether America will vote Donald Trump back in – or take on someone in a new costume; statesman, not clown! I am always wary of commenting on the politics or culture of somebody else’s country, as I don’t have to live it. But as raised in the original article above, the POTUS is a world leader and therefore the rest of us have expectations. And the look for America is bad with Donald Trump at the top. 
Good luck to America and my friends in the American writing community. I hope you get who you vote for in November 2020.

{Original Post}
I’ve just finished reading All the Stars in the Heavens, by Adriana Trigiani and while reading it there was a scene where the protagonist (Loretta) and her friend were visiting Italy. This was in the 30s and Mussolini was the leader. Loretta, an American, asked the family what they thought of Mussolini? The reply was that the mother thought him ‘a braggart and no one takes him too seriously.’

Loretta said she’d been at a dinner party and a famous author she met said “Beware the Clowns.” The leaders who start out as jokes – people make fun of them, they’re caricatures, cartoons in newspapers and people decide they are harmless. Those men are the most dangerous. The day comes when they use their power against their own people.

Well, that struck a chord. I’ve been wondering for weeks what America (the few who come out to vote anyway) see in Donald Trump as a potential POTUS. It is okay that he’s a successful businessman – if it works for him whatever he does – then okay. Do they seriously think he’s the man they want to represent them to the world?

I first began to worry when he came out with his infamous comments about proposing to ban Muslims from entering the USA.

Trump Time Cover

A couple of days ago I was getting groceries and saw Time’s cover page and they used TICK boxes (see above) – bully (tick) showman (tick) party-crasher (tick) and demagogue (tick) with the box for 45th President of the United States (unticked). The man is a loose cannon and a hatemonger. The author/s of the article in Time (Australia) suggest that he is working on fear ‘… fear in the pit of millions that globalisation is a rigged game … Americans are the mark’.

He comes across as a bombastic buffoon and and a horrible person. It is unbelievable to me that he could even be a possibility to lead America and the world (because seriously, the American President does (traditionally) have that standing). Compare him to President Obama and it’s not just chalk and cheese – but I can’t think of a clearer way to express the difference here.

Obama is humble, intelligent and compassionate. He is respectable and respectful. He has ideas and ideals and seems to be a genuinely good person. He has tried very hard over his terms as POTUS to the do all he can for his country – and the reality is that he couldn’t please everyone. Also, as politics goes, to achieve much in the way of progress you need the opposite political party to be willing to cross party lines and vote for sensible policies. That is not the way of modern politics. There are so many agendas that a political leader has to try and work around, that it is amazing anything is achieved.

President Obama is a leader and a steady hand; a family man and a patriot. Mr Donald Trump ‘leads’ with bluster, babbling, bluffing, bullying and stirring the cauldron. And the mixture consists of fear, hate and intolerance. Are the people coming out in support of Trump only those that believe they are hard done by, being taken over by other countries, losing work to ‘lesser’ people, paying for the rich. He is counting on fear holding the key to his political success.It is hard to imagine that sensible and ‘sentient’ Americans are going to vote for him.

And the Republican party – in the interest of having ‘somebody/anybody’ from their party in the race – are turning a blind eye, essentially. Their lily-livered lack of action, their ‘sit back and watch’ attitude is not a party with an eye to the good of their country. They are for the good of their party – and that means their own riches and success.

It is a pity that Obama can’t be re-elected – even though he could be tiring by now and ready for a change. He’s probably devastated at the possibility that a Donald Trump would be his legacy. He would surely want to leave the White House and the most powerful leadership role in the world in ‘capable and trustworthy’ hands.

Ha! Is the nightmare of Donald Trump as leader of the Western World a real possibility? Let’s really hope not! America could never be taken seriously again. It would be close to Armageddon. In my opinion. And all of this and all my posts are only opinion – I’m not an academic.

16 thoughts on “Beware the Clowns – Donald Trump

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  9. Yes, very interesting piece. Donald Trump is definitely a concern. However, Obama has been proven to be not what the American people hoped for either. In both our trips to the US, talking to people from many walks of life, they all had very low opinions of their president and were disappointed with his processes, or should I say, lack of. I don’t really know who they should vote for. If they vote Trump in, God help the world. Another Hitler waiting to appear.


    • Hello Jan, I’m not sure Obama can be held responsible for processes – it does sound as though he’s tried to get a lot of things through and has had to fight everybody for it. And the processes are all established and run by the establishment – he doesn’t have a lot to do about it.
      God help the world, indeed!
      Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂


  10. Great piece Trish! I do however feel that many Americans feel abandoned and forgotten. Much of what Trump presents gives them hope. What this would do for the rest of the world frightens me!


    • I actually can see the appeal to those that have lost hope. Historically, the common people (most of us) feel that politicians (and the rich, which in America you need to be to run for office) look out for the rich and powerful and they aren’t wrong that we are fodder to their success. Keeping people poor and under-resourced does make it easier to control the underdog – but there usually comes a tipping point. Maybe the tipping point has been reached and as Trump has styled himself as a friend of the forgotten and abandoned American, no wonder he’s getting these crazy reactions.
      It won’t only be bad for the world – it won’t be good for America if he is President. He’ll make all the right noises, until he doesn’t any more.
      Thanks for reading and commenting Kevin!


  11. A beautifully written, appealing precis, Trish. You express what probably most (thinking) people feel.
    Literally: from the sublime…to the ridiculous!
    Don’t send in the clowns…we don’t want them here!!!

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