Then the world …. beginning with Christmas in New York and Boston 2015!

Hi everyone!

It has already been over 15 months since we did THE BIG TRIP to Spain, Greece and Morocco! And that time has passed so quickly!

Life has dragged on – the usual things – although I haven’t been in work since we returned. So I’ve been doing a lot of volunteering – mostly taking ‘Oldies’ to their appointments, but also at the museum and some events around town. I still work with Eric at review time (December to end of March) but that doesn’t keep me too busy.

This year I’ve been concentrating on weight loss and fitness – I know, the modern obsession! But it’s important for my mental and physical health to be in the best shape I can be and I’ve let that go over the years. Eric and I intend to do plenty more travelling and have lots of adventures yet – and to keep up with him πŸ˜€ I need to be amazing!!!! So I go to Curves (a women’s fitness centre) 4-5 times a week and I’ve been meal replacing – was doing great before Christmas (lost 9kg) but sugar became my friend again after Christmas and I’m just now (this very day) getting back on track. So bring on the next 10kg loss!!

We did a couple of small trips last year – 10 days in Auckland in May and we visited Mum and Dad in Tassie in November and checked out the east side of Australia a little. Instead of flying to Mum and Dad we drove over to Melbourne to catch the ferry to Tasmania. For the uninformed, that’s just under 3,000km. The first day we did 1,600km and overnighted at Ceduna, South Australia. Then we drove to Adelaide, via Port Augusta and overnighted in Adelaide, visiting a few small towns along the way. We then had a couple of nights in Melbourne before jumping on the ferry (12 hour trip) to Devonport, where we then drove to Mum and Dad – probably about an hour?! We only spent a short week with them and then we ferried back to Melbourne and drove up the coast a little and visited Beechworth, Bright and Albury/Wodonga. On the way home, we went via Bendigo and back to Ceduna and then home. A lot of driving – I’ve said to Eric “next time, the car goes on to the train!”. But I’m not sure if he listened!! πŸ™‚

One of my long held dreams has been Christmas in New York – and this year it will happen. Actually, Christmas Day will be in Boston – but the whole Christmas festivity, lights, shows and FEEL will be happening – arrive in New York approximately 19th December; have a few days there and then train up to Boston on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day will be in Boston and then back to New York about the 30th Dec to be in New York for New Year! TIMES SQUARE FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE!! Gotta do it! I’m very EXCITED! πŸ˜€

Luckily for me, Eric continued to work very hard this year – and we can afford to still travel! GOOD ONE, ERIC! Love you!!!

Eric the Legend faced a great personal challenge this year – by doing the Rotto Swim. This is an Open Water event from Perth to Rottnest Island (19km) and happens annually. His friend Tim (Farmanco partner) asked him to do a duo swim. So Eric started training in the pool back in about July last year (2014) and started swimming with the sharks in Esperance Bay (jokes!! – I was the ‘shark spotter’) in about November in preparation for this swim.

They completed the swim in about 8 hours and 43 minutes (something like that!). No records set, but the challenge for them was doing the swim – not being first!! And considering that there are were elite athletes participating, they were never going to be the winners. BUT Eric has such enthusiasm and can-do attitude that I only stand there gobsmacked when he takes on these things. Eric is the ‘Kiwi Butt’ in the crowd photo!!

So, we have quite a lot of travelling planned for the next 10 years! Before we become too decrepit!! πŸ™‚ I’ll write more when we have done some planning for New York/Boston and of course, while we’re there! Cannot wait!

BYE xxxΒ  (Photos below are: 1. Eric almost ready to go 2. “Here I Am” and 3 ‘Ready, set ….’ Eric is in the Kiwi speedos’

Eric Swimmer No 360Eric Rotto Swim Here I AmEric Rotto Swim

11 thoughts on “Then the world …. beginning with Christmas in New York and Boston 2015!

  1. I’ve missed your blog! Just last night I looked up your old ones wondering where you had got to… well now I know! I’m very jealous of your trip to Boston / NY.


    • Thanks Matt! I’m surprised and delighted that you’re interested in reading my scribbles.
      I only started blogging because we were doing the Big Adventure and it seemed worthwhile jotting down my thoughts.
      Generally though there’s some connotation about Bloggers – that they’re self-absorbed and a bit “Look at me!” so I haven’t been writing, because I wasn’t doing anything particular.
      I am an observer and I do have things to share, but I’m not clever and doubt whether what I’m saying is interesting. And I definitely don’t want to encourage people to “look at me!” πŸ˜€
      Anyway, so I’ll keep on writing.


  2. Great to see you’re blogging again πŸ™‚ Looks like you’ve had a great year and loads of exciting things to come towards the end. Look forward to reading your updates xx


    • Rachel, I really enjoy reading your FB updates. You are so busy and really in a different place to me – with young kids and oldies to look after. Newly married, the whole thing! So I’m glad to share my musings with such an enthusiastic crowd!!!!
      Talk soon! xx


  3. Hi Trish.
    Great to hear from you. Christmas in New York/Boston sounds wonderful. Well done on your weight loss and well done Eric on your swim to Rotto. Having done the virtual swim to Woody Island a very long time ago in the Esperance pool I can appreciate the challenge that would have been. Looking forward to catching up with you guys. I’ve just started thinking it’s time to visit Esperance again and am hoping to come down there end of May early June so hopefully you’ll be around for a cuppa and catch up.


    • Hi Sally, of course coffee catching up visits are always welcome! Just yell! If we’re in the city sometime soon, I’ll make sure we catch up!
      So, how are your plans for France going? ^^ πŸ˜€ x


  4. Hey, you’re back on blog! I love a Trish blog and have missed it since your last travel adventures stopped.
    Can’t believe it’s been 15 months! New York sounds fantastic and what’s the Boston attraction – family?
    Well done with the initially weight loss and I know you’ll get back on it too.
    Forget Eric in his speedos – I’m just loving the pink hat!!! Xxxx


    • Hey you! Thanks for responding to a Trish Blog so quickly! I’ll have to start making up shit just to keep you amused!!!! πŸ™‚
      How’s the gammy leg going? Got your mojo back?
      The reason Boston came up is that I was looking at Christmas in New York and going – “if you’re going to be in New York for Christmas, then you need to stay for New Year’s Eve”, but it’s so expensive to stay in NY over that period and in accommodation close to things. My travel agent suggested that I break it up with a visit to Boston – that with’s it’s history, buildings and cobblestones, etc it was worth visiting over Christmas too – so I was very happy with that. I get to experience the ‘feel’ of Christmas in NY AND Christmas in Boston! Win/win!!
      Love you lots! Talk soon (BTW, the snail mail hasn’t left the building! x)


  5. Wow Trish…you do have an exciting time ahead! I will be interested to hear what you think of your Blog as a successful way of keeping in touch with friends and updating them on your travels.
    Sorry we didn’t get to “chat” yesterday….a bit frantic but so worthwhile! Really appreciate your support! Rod enjoyed catching up with Eric. Will be in touch soon so I can pick your brains re Blogging!


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