On this day in Surrey in the United Kingdom, Eric and I met up with Rachel and Andy at their lovely home.

We met Rachel and her mum Sue in Mauritius four years ago, when we joined the same day trip and we offered to take a photo of them. They were staying at the HIlton further down the beach; we were at the Sands and we organised to meet up with them to eat at a local Indian restaurant (delicious food) and they joined us for drinks at our hotel on another evening.

After that day we only caught up a couple of other times, but I thought I’d found a kindred spirit in Rachel!

On the surface we aren’t that similar. Rachel has a big personality and a passion that saw her actively and intensely pursue a  career (in the police) that had not been available to her as a youngster, due to entry requirements. So, in her late 30s and after a 21 year Admin job in high end retail she had completed all the testing and interviews and was waiting for confirmation she had made it!

They said “YES” but it took another two years of waiting due to cutbacks; and as the queue of successful applicants grew – Rachel worked full-time while “volunteer policing” to improve her chances of getting in. Finally, two years ago she got her ‘dream’ job and I was as proud of her as if I’d done it myself (or was her mother, sister, best friend …..)!

So, what do we have in common? At the same time that I ask that question, I feel that if we had grown up together OR lived in the same town, we’d be buddies! As it is, through the wonder of Facebook and email (basically the internet) we are modern day pen pals – often though in ‘real time’. And we both love to get snail mail – and try to write or send small prezzies a couple of times a year!

In planning our holiday there was a magnet pull from Surrey, UK and it would have been seriously disappointing if we hadn’t caught up.

When we met, there wasn’t any awkwardness! The four of us talked and laughed the afternoon away. Andy cooked a simple and delicious meal and made a lovely cheesecake (hello Cheesecake buddy 🙂 ). Rachel had to work in the evening and pushed on as long as she could before she had to chase us out!!!

We had a great time and it was easy and comfortable. Andy was lovely with these strangers that Rachel had brought home!

Rachel is the woman who had a dream and went for it, with the loving support of her ‘rock’ Andy. Eric has always been my rock and will support me in whatever I want to do. Perhaps I need to decide what that is – and go for it 🙂

Thanks guys for a great welcome and a fabulous afternoon! xxxx

P.S. Thanks for the lend of 100 quid! That is part of the next frustrating and dramatic (da dum!) story – to be blogged soon!


2 thoughts on “ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! – October 2013

  1. What a lovely blog.
    Thank you so much for all the kind things you said.
    One day we may be able to be more than just penpals and share regular coffees at the beach. One day… I’d really like that xxxx


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