We walked into Alora up the hill, turned the wrong way and proceeded to walk up many more hills – didn’t actually find what we were looking for, but managed to walk pretty much all around the town.

Found the Chinese restaurant – got takeaway (he didn’t have English)! Went back to the ‘deli’ style shop to get supplies (because we couldn’t find the larger supermarket) but they’d closed – because we’d taken so bloody long to get around the town.

Luckily, found a smaller deli-style shop that was closing, but kindly let us in and we pretty much got everything we were looking for!!

So, good news – we have Chinese for dinner and lots of chocolate!!! PLUS food for dinner for the next couple of days.


Also, when we got home Mark (our host) had found us a local to give us some survivor Spanish – by way of taking us on a tour of Alora and giving us a history lesson and getting us to practise our Spanish on the locals AND later on a tour of Malaga doing the same.  Pretty cool!


2 thoughts on “WE BLOODY WELL MADE IT – IT’S ALL OKAY!!!!

  1. VERY cool, guys. An adventure on so many levels! (Pun not intended but I chuckled nonetheless!)

    Great blogging. Trish! I feel like I’m there. But so much walking, I needed a lie down!

    Whoo woo swimsuit girl!

    Keep ’em coming!! xoxo


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