OMG! Athens!!!!

Hey everyone! A quick one ….

Made it safely into Athens – and so far we are having a great time!

Trafalgar Tours sent a driver – and he was very friendly and articulate. Pointed out important areas of town, where the metro was and shopping. Spoke of the history and the economy. He was great!

Got to Zafolia Hotel and the staff were very welcoming and proactive – gave us maps and highlighted where we were in relation to city centre – and how to get to the metro (without us asking). I mentioned that I’d sent an email about the possibility of having dinner on the rooftop (roof pool garden) for my birthday, but hadn’t heard back. Instead of ignoring or deflecting – they asked us about that and called us in our room soon after to say they’d sorted it and it was good to go. The rooftop garden is open until late – but only for snacks and drinks, not dinner. So they’ve put in great customer service effort so far.

We grabbed a late takeaway coffee from across the road (great coffee!!) and  touched based with reception about the internet – then he wrote down for us Greek for ‘thank you’ ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ – because it’s all Greek to us!!! 😀

Also, our lovely friend Rachel in the UK organised for a birthday card and prezzie to be at the hotel when we arrived – so lovely of her! xxxx

We have the whole of tomorrow (Thursday) to wander around ourselves before we join the Trafalgar Tour tomorrow night. We’ve planned shopping and maybe a pedicure/manicure for me!!! I’m wearing sandals a lot – and my feet look like shit!! 🙂

We’ve just got to check what our Athens day with the tour looks like and we’ll then go see stuff we aren’t covering with them.

I’m attaching some photos now! I’m sorry I don’t take a good photo – enjoy!!!

Kalinixta (good night)! xxxx

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