Hello, I’m an Australian woman recently relocated from Western Australia to NSW, happily married with three grown children.

I aspire to write; late starter, I guess.

My husband and I enjoy travelling and I have another blog site about our travels, which is more private. This site is for ‘Random Thoughts’; themes or issues that made me think.

Born in Ireland, with most of my life in Australia my husband and and I have travelled in Ireland and the UK, Canada, New York and Hong Kong, South Africa, Mauritius, Fiji and New Zealand (Auckland); Spain, Greece and Morocco and major cities of Europe.

Christmas 2015 we completed our long held dream to visit New York City and Boston for Christmas. That dream had a lot to do with a Northern Hemisphere winter – and you know what? They had their warmest winter on record! Oh well, we did get a day of snow in Boston and that was beautiful!

Down the track we are thinking 2017 Edinburgh, perhaps supported by a European River Cruise and Ireland. Right now our finances are tighter than they’ve been for quite a while; so fingers-crossed we’ll make that one! Further into the future and we hope to take an extended stay in Italy and perhaps visit South America.

You can see that we’ve the travel bug – let’s hope the world stays safe enough to continue to explore and experience our countries and their cultures.

Now that our kids are grown we do have more time to do what we love doing. The children are still very important and we’re there for them; but from more of a distance now!

Ciao, Trish

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