Friday Fictioneers – To Dream is To Write

A wooden bench, resting on concrete, with water and city views behind. A heart drawn on the back of the bench.

Photo Prompt by Roger Bultot

I haven’t written for many months

Heart heavier, notebooks abandoned.

I pass this bench every day

View attractive, bench unappealing.

I suss it out, this grotty chair

Old mould, new stains, suspicious mess.

I spy the view behind this seat

That turbulent, lustful, aquatic feast.

I wonder why when planning took place

Developers chose to opposite face.

For those who observe the passing world

Or need a corner within to pause?

For those who need a moment to rest

Want more than a diversion?

Waits for romantics, and scribers of schemes

Resting idle, deserted, ’till a writer dreams.

The year is 2023 and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields continues to set the challenge and encourage this community of writers. An effort appreciate by us all. The challenge is to write a story in 100 words or fewer.

For other 100 word fiction, read here.

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