Friday Fictioneers – New Life

Photo Prompt by Sandra Crook

Photo prompt @ Sandra Crook

“Surprise,” cried my wife, leading me into the garden.

Her smile was huge, and I found myself grinning back.

Her joy was so infectious.

I looked around eagerly.

It wasn’t harvest time, and I wasn’t expecting prize-winning vegetables.

My smile began to slip as I noticed the covered garden signs.

The patch was untended and out of control.


“Darling,” said my wife, tugging me along. “Look. Our dream has come true.”

I looked to where she pointed.

A new garden sign.

Two words. Baby Born.

Rising from the soil, pink baby fingers.

Aghast, I looked at my smiling wife. (100 words)

Found this spooky ‘art’ the day after I wrote this piece 🙂

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a story in response to a photo prompt – in 100 words or less. You can find other stories here.
Thank you Rochelle!

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