Friday Fictioneers – the Mother in Law

Photo Prompt @ Dale Rogerson

She knew when I arrived today it would be dark; the light broken.
I always knock; I never buzz.
Is it a lark, or deadly intent? The doorknocker from hell.
An allergic reaction could be the end of me.
I don’t know why she hates me. Perhaps I’ve joked too often when partaking at her table.
My comments could be softened.
Blasted woman. I’ve tolerated much. Too many words, embittered. Too much emotion, littered upon the plate she offers.
Her daughter treasures me. Grandchildren dote on her every word. BUT, mother-in-law today, I see, has finally had enough of me! (100 words)

15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – the Mother in Law

  1. I’m wondering how a knock on the door with a garlic bulb could even be heard. . . .of course, if MIL doesn’t hear it, then she can’t be faulted when someone else finds the SIL dead of anaphylactic shock!

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  2. There is certainly no love lost here. How will he overcome and make peace with the mother-in-law, perhaps give her a prickly rose bush for Christmas and a complete set of Harry Potter; don’t all witches just love those stories?

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    • As it seems she actually tried to kill him, I don’t know if there’s coming back from that. But at the very least he can keep his head down. She’ll drop off the perch eventually 👀

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