Weekend Writing Prompt – Abysmal

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Abysmal and the word limit 93

How do we keep arriving at the same place?

Disrespect, intolerance, atrocity.

Anger, hate, war.

Should it be such an effort

to be sincere, kind, thoughtful

helpful, collaborative, inclusive

Our norm continues to be

Mistrustful, defensive, offensive

Fearful, fear mongering, belligerent

With the best of intentions and assumption of sincerity, I

Misdirect, deflect, protect

Hunker down, build a fence, assume offence

In my heart, I believe and hope that I am more than this

Respectful, hopeful, generous and inclusive

Open-minded, unassuming and impartial

But I am human. I am animal. I am too, Abysmal.

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