Well, well, one week into NaNoWriMo and I’ve just passed 20,000 words (out of an expected 50,000).

That didn’t take very long! PHEW!

Of course, I’ve procrastinated with the best of them and my bookkeeping studies have totally taken a back seat, so today’s effort of 7,922 words has to be it for about 4 days. If I’m sensible.

I’ve an assignment due on Thursday, and I totally need to read ahead for this week’s class.

Actually, I believe I’m out of words right now.

I’m busting, I’d like a coffee and I’d like to read my book – I should look at my assignment. We’ll soon see which one wins!

Adios amigos! Take care! xx



One thought on “NANOWRIMO – Update

  1. Well done Trish!! But my god, a coffee and a book sounds good right now….
    It’s been a long week in London with 3 separate incidents of disorder but hopefully now the Christmas cheer will kick in and everyone will be kinder to each other.
    Will we get a chance to read the 50,000 words?
    Now back to your study Missy xxxx


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